STL Vertical System: Explained


Information in the cryptosphere is confusing to obtain, hard to decipher once you have it, and generally untrustworthy if obtained from sources like Twitter or reddit.  We’re trying to bridge that gap.  We want to develop a easy to read tool that allows the average investor to view all the necessary information about a cryptocurrency and make an informed investment decision.  First step in that endeavor is to break about the mess that is CoinMarketCap    Say you wanted to go all in on the crypto’s related to distributed computing power, how would you do this?  The only way at the moment would be to go line by line on CoinMarketCap or CoinLibrary and cross reference their personal sites to see if it matches your “computing” criteria.  Cumbersome, we know.  No worries, we here at Solve The Ledger have done the dirty work for you for the top 200 cryptocurrencies (anything above $100M in market cap).  With our “STL Vertical Tool” you’ll be able to select an area you’d like to invest in then compare the top coins in each of those sub categories.  We’ll give you our personal ranking plus all the necessary fundamentals, technical information, and reliable places to go to gain more in depth knowledge.   Now let’s get into the 10 vertical’s chosen by our team.


Anonymous transactions will be a hot segment of crypto in the years to come.  These coins tout that they can’t be traced, have the ability to hide the user’s IP addresses, and promote a high level of anonymity end to end.  While these are inevitably going to be associated with black market transactions, there are real world cases for privacy coins outside the underworld.  One such case is hacking.  Individuals who hold large amounts of cryptocurrency are subject to cyber attacks.  With privacy coins, the account sums are hidden from both ends, thus providing an extra layer of protection from these phishing attacks.


Money Lending/Conversion

Have a stack of bitcoin you are sitting on and need some fiat capital to spend ?  These conversion/lending coins allow you to put a portion of your crypto holdings for a loan in fiat currency.  While these don’t come without associated risks, there are several options that allow conversion to fiat, gold and physical products.  We’ll be investigating how these perform in down-markets in further articles.



If ever there were a case for decentralization, it’s in computing power.  Experts estimate that governments and companies like Google control upwards of 90% of the world’s supercomputing power.  90%!!  Imagine knocking on Google’s door to borrow some computing time from their new AI Driven Supercomputer for your graduate research project.  Not going to happen, ever.  Enter the computing cryptocurrency projects.  With these crypto’s you’ll be able to purchase time on a distributed supercomputing platform with their native tokens.  This vertical also explores the issue of free internet which effects citizens of countries all over the world who throttling or outright block internet traffic.  Crypto to the rescue again, there are projects in development to enable any user to a hosting node in a decentralized, community regulated internet.


Cloud Storage

To the cloud!  Arguably one of the best innovations in the past decade, however, cloud storage is expensive and centrally controlled by the Google’s, Amazon’s, and Microsoft’s of the world.  With these crypto’s you’ll be able to privately store massive amounts of data at 1/10th the price market leaders offer.


Digital Currency

Self explanatory.  How this whole movement began back in 2009.  If you want a deflation-proof currency not controlled by one central governing body then digital currencies are for you.  Highly competitive sector with the market king, Bitcoin, residing over all others.



Think digital currency but instant and fee-less.  These crypto’s aim to capitalize on the short comings on legacy digital currencies by integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT) and allowing for mass adoption through everyday purchases.



A sector with a staggering valuation of $600 Billion that looks to push $1 Trillion in the coming years.  It’s how a search engine company can be a Fortune 500 company with a single webpage.  Crypto’s in this vertical are building platforms to empower the individual content producer to be compensated fairly for their work.  By cutting out the middle men of advertising, (large company hosts), these crypto’s promote a free sharing economy of information where everyone wins.  Privacy and freedom of information are cornerstones to these companies, both themes that resonate with success in today’s world.


Decentralized Exchanges (DEx)

How do you stop the crypto tidal wave?  Shut down the exchanges that allow people to trade their fiat currencies for cryptocurrency.  These crypto’s host trading traffic to enable the exchanging of value for stake in hopefully successful projects.  Most exchanges offer a native token that offers benefits like reduced trading fees, and will appreciate in value as user adoption grows on the exchange. During the gold rush, it was the one’s selling the picks and the axes that got rich. If you believe crypto will continue to grow in valuation, owning the DEx’s is a solid investment strategy.



Some of the most complicated yet game-changing cryptocurrency projects out there.  With a framework you can run your entire business, start to finish.  Decentralized applications can be built on top of the framework, smart contracts can enable all agreements to be coded without the need for costly lawyers, and native currencies can be created to fund future innovation.  A Truly ground breaking idea that can reshape the way business is done if executed properly, and a must have in any portfolio.


Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Don’t need an entire framework for your business, only a small segment for a specific use?  Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) projects offer specific use cases and the ability to access the most popular blockchains.   Everything from auditing services to artificial intelligence blockchain services are investigated here.