Setup a Substratum Node in 5 mins!


Welcome to “Substratum 0.3.0 Decentralized Internet Node” setup guide!   We’re not going to dive into the background of Substratum as that information has been covered in depth in previous posts, however if you are new to the site here’s a quick synopsis.  Substratum is fighting censorship and is attempting to rebuild the internet as we know it.  With their product you will be able to host or access an internet “node” to facilitate an uncensored internet viewing experience. Think VPN but Web 3.0 version… decentralized and unstoppable.

Let’s dive into the guide.  First you’ll want to head on over to and click the “Open Beta” button in the top right corner.


That will bring you to the Early Open Beta explanation page where a nice intro video and some instructions will be waiting for you.  Go ahead and scroll down until you see the “Beta Install Instructions” section seen below.


Click the install instructions and keep that window open until we’re ready to change the DNS settings.  If you don’t know what this means don’t worry it’s just a few clicks and a simple address input for the version only.  More on that later.    Once you’ve set aside the install instructions go ahead and scroll down to the “Downloads & Installers” section and choose your OS package. For this guide we’ll be choosing macOS (if you want a Linux or Windows review just reach out to us on Facebook/Instagram or comment below and we’ll make one for you).

Okay great, so you’ve download the correct OS package for the Substratum Node!  Mac users then go to your desktop and run the install and place the SubstratumNode into your Applications folder with a drag & drop.



Now that SubstratumNode is one of your Applications. Go to Finder and double click the SubstratumNode to fire it up.  We chose to drag the application to our desktop for easier access.



The GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the Substratum 0.3.0 is very basis. The only intended function for this release is to toggle the Node status on and off.  To toggle the node on just click and bar directly to the left of the “node status: off” indicator.  Now go ahead and try to use your internet!  Did it work?  It shouldn’t have.  First we to change the DNS settings as mentioned above!


To change the DNS settings go to your “System Preferences” icon and open up the “Network” feature.  For us you can see the Network icon on the 3rd row from the top and 4 icon’s in from the left.



Let’s bring back that window you set aside earlier for the “Install Instructions”.  We’ve gone ahead and put the instructions below in case you exited out by accident.  Follow along and change your DNS setting to and press OK.  The path to get here would is Network->Advanced-> DNS-> click “+” -> “Ok”.   In future releases this will just be another toggle button to switch the DNS address.  If all went well you should be able to surf the decentralized internet without issue!   If not, please head up to the top and repeat the steps or drop a comment and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot!

Now to switch the node off follow the instructions to reverse the DNS address to your previous one and flip the node status button to off in the GUI.  By reversing the DNS address and switching the node to off you are now back on the standard internet.



If you were able to get on the internet with the Node Status flipped to “On” then congratulations you are part of the revolution!  But who cares? It may have seemed anti-climatic in this release but we promise this is a big deal. In future releases you will be able to rent out your spare computing power to run an internet node and be paid for it in $SUB.  See below for a rendering of the future GUI.  As you can see the team has a solid idea of what they want to accomplish with releases 0.4.0 and full production release 0.5.0.



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**Update 6/1/18:  The Substratum team has now added another toggle button feature so you no longer need to manually change your DNS settings.  See below for the new GUI to toggle on/off their internet node.  This is referred to as the 0.3.1 version release.